In Kansas & Texas, legislative districts will soon be redrawn, and this process has already become a matter of Democrats vs. Republicans.

The Fair Maps Fund believes redistricting must remain non-partisan to maintain the integrity of the two-party system and the infrastructure of government.

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redistrict (verb)

“Divide or organize (an area) into new political districts.”

gerrymander (verb)

“The practice of dividing or arranging a territorial unit into election districts in a way that gives one political party an unfair advantage in elections.”

“The fact is gerrymandering has become a national scandal... The congressional map is a horror show of grotesque, contorted shapes. Districts jump back and forth over mountain ranges, cross large bodies of water, send out little tentacles to absorb special communities and ensure safe seats.” — RONALD REAGAN

Gerrymandering is an issue that can have lasting effects at the local and national level. According to a recent poll, there is bipartisan support: with 80 percent of Democrats, 68 percent of independents, and 65 percent of Republicans support legislation that puts an end extreme partisan gerrymandering.

The Kansas Fair Maps Fund believes in putting an end to extreme partisanship that results in manipulated legislative maps.

In Kansas, legislative redistricting is set to start in 2022 due to census data being delayed. The importance of fair maps have never been higher, and the window to get them drawn has never been smaller.

The Kansas Fair Maps Fund believes redistricting must remain non-partisan to maintain the integrity of the two-party system and the infrastructure of government.

Here's why we're concerned:

How We Achieve Fair Maps

  • Full-time lobbying services

  • Proactive spending and advocacy

  • Legal support when maps reach Kansas or Federal court

  • Analytical targeting and education within high-impact populations

  • A steadfast commitment to strictly non-partisan redistricting



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